Integration Plan

Integration Team

Human Factor

Reason for Merger! Articulate the Vision for the joint business!

Start ASAP!

Project Manager! He or She can be internal or external.

Compare Salaries / Benefits / Expenses!

Expected Benefits. List them in order of importance. Point out the cost of the merger to justify the need for the benefits! 


Total Board support! You may have to backfill a number of roles to free up time for the integration team to focus on their task.

Make employees aware of Merger with official communication!

Timescale. The period for implementation of each phase of the merger.


Key Members! Ensure that there are spaces preserved for acquired company members. 

Measure the acceptance of the changes required and get people on board.

Communicate! A Generic notice followed by management briefings at all levels.


Incentives! This can be additional bonus or replacement of KPI’s with merger objectives.

Start the process of getting employees to adopt the changes required.