Please find a Management Grading System with examples of jobs at different levels in Finance, Operations, H.R., Engineering and Business Development. 

Each company will be different but this sets out a framework that works within a company with a management team in excess of fifty people. It allows transparency and focuses people on the their actual level of responsibility which helps at the annual review and eliminates problems with comparisons between departments. 

Each Management Role is evaluated against a number of set criteria under different headings, The score ranges from 0-5 depending on the involvement that each Role has within the headings. Add up the score and depending on the overall score the Role falls into Front Line Manager, Junior Manager, Middle Manager and Senior Manager.

A Role can be upgraded if there is additional responsibility taken on which can be measured. The level of remuneration can be set for the various management levels according to the Grades. 

It is in our experience very positive to have a Management Grading System in place. It allows transparency between Departments and Roles, brings acceptance of remuneration levels for different grades and focuses Managers on the additional responsibility that they must take on to move up the ladder.