Business Transformation.
We have the experience to increase the profits in a profitable business or to turn an unprofitable business into a profitable business. We act as partners to the business for the time that we are involved in it and are proud of our implementation record.

We possess two valuable commodities, common sense and commercial nous. If we go into a profitable business we congratulate the team and look at how we can genuinely improve that performance. If the business is not profitable then we look deeper to see what is fundamentally wrong.

We look for the profit building blocks in the business (see our diagnostic) and any change has to be measured by the improvements in the bottom line. We can introduce lean techniques into a business but firstly we look for basic information flow into the measurement system which is usually the profit and loss account,

There is no point in implementing large scale changes into a business if there is no visible impact on the bottom line. The customer is king in all business and in a FCMG business the customer may cause havoc with variable demands. A lean business has to have the right number of people, raw material and packaging in the plant at the right time to meet the customer's demands.